An initiative to care for homeless people


You are enthusiastic about running and share your passion with others
 to support and care for homeless people?

Run your HomeRun!

From 10 October 2020
In the form of a virtual donation run

You can find all information here and through our social media channels.


This is the motto with which we start the first virtual HomeRun.

You run, donate, and nominate your family, friends or colleagues for the challenge. The best part: You are free to choose the distance you want to run your HomeRun!

Just grab your running shoes from 10 October, the “Day of Homelessness”, and track your run. Afterwards, you donate to the HomeRun initiative and post a picture of yourself or your running course and mark five of your friends who are now up for the challenge.

Your entire donation (without deductions) will be used for the VinziRast efforts to help homeless people. The challenge runs from 10 October to 26 December.


Your donation for homeless people

With your donation you support the charitable organisation VinziRast and their emergency overnight accommodation. Motivate friends, relatives and colleagues to also make a donation. Together we can achieve more.

The HomeRun initiative has already held two events and raised more than 38,000,- €. The donations was transferred 1:1 to the non-profit organization VinziRast. In the VinziRast emergency shelter, homeless people are provided with a bed to sleep, a warm meal, clothing, attention and respect. For many people it is a vital place, not only in the cold winter months.


VinziRast pursues exclusively non-profit and charitable purposes. It is dedicated to the care and support of all people – regardless of their origin – who need mental or material help. The aim is to give those affected a chance to regain a foothold in our society.

If you want to learn more about the work of VinziRast, have a look at the website www.vinzirast.at and subscribe to our newsletter.


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Live-Ticker: Nights for a homeless person in the VinziRast emergency shelter have already been made possible.