An initiative to care for homeless people


You are enthusiastic about running and share your passion with others
contributing to support and care for homeless people

Run your HomeRun!

On October 4, 2020
At the 2nd Allander Marktlauf.

For more information:  www.marktlauf.eu

You are free to choose the distance of your HomeRun:
5.5 km, 11 km or 22 kmkm

Make sure that you tick the box “I run my HomeRun in support of homeless people” [„ich laufe meinen HomeRun zur Unterstützung obdachloser Menschen“] when you register online. The registration fee will be increased by your donation, which will be deliveredused 1:1 for the work of VinziRast to support homeless people.


The annual running competition of the Austrian company sports association (ÖBSV) is also going to take place at the 2nd Allander Marktlauf. This does also boost the support for the HomeRun initiative, as every participant in the ÖBSV running-competition can also freely choose giving support to homeless people.


Your donation for homeless people

With your donation you support the charitable organisation VinziRast and their emergency overnight accommodation. Motivate friends, relatives and colleagues to also make a donation. Together we can achieve more.

The HomeRun initiative has already held two events and raised more than 38,000,- €. The donations was transferred 1:1 to the non-profit organization VinziRast. In the VinziRast emergency shelter, homeless people are provided with a bed to sleep, a warm meal, clothing, attention and respect. For many people it is a vital place, not only in the cold winter months.


VinziRast pursues exclusively non-profit and charitable purposes. It is dedicated to the care and support of all people – regardless of their origin – who need mental or material help. The aim is to give those affected a chance to regain a foothold in our society.

If you want to learn more about the work of VinziRast, have a look at the website www.vinzirast.at and subscribe to our newsletter.

The HomeRun planned for April 2020 as part of the Vienna City Marathon had to be canceled.

Declaration, January 2020:

Unfortunately we have to inform you with a heavy heart that the HomeRunVienna in favor of the work of VinziRast for the care and accommodation of homeless people will not take place as part of the Vienna City Marathon. The differences of opinion between the organizer and us were insurmountable. In our opinion, it is not justifiable that if a minimum number of 500 participants is not reached, the difference in participation fees (€ 20 per person) must be reimbursed to the organizer. The HomeRun is a voluntary initiative that aims to generate donations for the care of homeless people. In our opinion, misuse is not justifiable. Therefore, we ask for your understanding for the decision not to do the HomeRun as part of the VCM.

We will consider other new options. Regardless of this, we ask you to support the work of VinziRast with a direct donation and thus uphold the goals of the HomeRun initiative.


5 + 10 =

Live-Ticker: Nights for a homeless person in the VinziRast emergency shelter have already been made possible.